India will be attacked soon. How will the Top Indians survive and grow?

india-gate pollution

Within a month, the air quality is going be severely harmful in the major cities where a lot of children, elders and people of all ages live including to study and work. Those cities already have harmful to severely harmful air in the many areas.

The many people study in schools or work for companies whose owners might have the wealth to move their children, elders and family in general away from the severely harmful pollution for short to long duration.

Moreover, there would be owners of hospitals, clinics, medicines and other companies who might see a rise in their earnings and wealth in the next months and their children, elders and family in general will be able to spend and avoid such harmful air and also water, land and food.

Yesterday I checked the pH value of my RO water. My RO is of a top brand. The pH value was 6.1 which is acidic. I also checked the pH value of Himalaya brand water which can be exported and costs 60 INR.

The pH value of Himalaya water is 7.3 and which is alkaline. Do you wonder what has been happening to you and children and elders in your family over the years due to drinking more acidic and worse water?

The many severely harmful particles in air will also mix with land and water and will circulate in the environment for years and cause increasing harm for years.

The Top Indians will be aware of this and more things not shared above. Do you wonder how they and their families will survive and grow?

When any people will get sick and can’t work then the Top Indians can hire others in India since there are so many people in India.

The highly capable people in India seem to keep moving around our world it seems to maximize their potential.

The many other kinds of work perhaps can be done by many other people who can be replaced as required.

Even the food grown for health and fitness depends on the air, water and land quality over the years.

How is your air, water, land and food quality and how will it be in the next months and years?

What will you do when India is attacked? What will the top Indians do to survive and grow?

I would think you realize that India is being attacked since many years even continuously.

It’s great to be human, I wish us best!


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