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I’ve shared the following through the Facebook pages of AAP, BJP and Congress. It would be great if you the reader can also share this with your family, friends and people who can help to make this happen:

I’ve been sharing with people about pollution in India and its harmful effect for several years. Please Google “anti pollution india” and on 1st page is thankfully my Health and Fitness India site and article

A friend who’s a law and enforcement officer in India, a top sports person and coach in India and a top award recipient by the President of India recently messaged me on Facebook and shared a news clipping that the traffic police in India is now getting serious about using anti-pollution masks and he also mentioned that I’ve been sharing about this for police for years. He messaged me: “Sir I clicked something which you shared long back, but now they understand

Since the issue of pollution is being seriously discussed by both the government and the media in India, I request everyone to consider the following idea which could help us greatly as we would implement it. The idea is to make all the people well aware about their specific lung damage due to pollution and hence possibly affect a strong positive change in our mindset against the growing physical, mental, social, environmental and hence also economic harm that we’re suffering due to the harmful to severely harmful pollution.

Lung Screening at schools

If the government can ask all schools to run a mandatory lung screening test for all the students funded by the government and the equipment and professionals provided by the government then the parents can learn well and quickly about the exact conditions of their child’s lungs.

Lung Screening for non-school people under 18 years

If the government can enable the government hospitals to run at minimum one lung screening test per year for all non-school people under 18 years funded by the government then the parents can learn well and quickly about the exact conditions of their child’s lungs.

Critical Considerations

The lung screening test must be done accurately and the correct lung screening results must be provided to the parents on a paper signed and stamped by the testing professional and placed inside a suitable envelope to ensure privacy and shared to nobody else. The background of the testing professional and the equipment used for the particular test result should be publicly available on the government website.

The government must note the age, sex, district and lung screening results of the person for generating statistics, however, must not note any personally identifiable information and not also of the school.

Subsidized Lung Screening Test for others

The government can subsidize one lung screening test per year at government hospitals for those above 18+ years or not studying in school.



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